SEO is crucial to the effectiveness of your website. A beautiful website is only worthwhile if your prospective customers are able to find it, and that’s what SEO helps with. SEO is the process of enhancing the visibility of your site among search engine results.

Why is SEO so important?

Chitika Insights found that websites listed on Google’s first page of results saw a 32.5% click through rate, while results found on the second page saw an average click through rate of 17.6%, followed by 11.4%, 8.1% and 6.1% respectively. Not having your website placed on the first page of search engine results is almost as devastating as being placed on the tenth page.

SEO involves but is not limited to editing content, code optimization, increasing backlinks, increasing page load speed, strategic keyword decisions, social media integration, use of compressed (lossless) images and considering search engines other than Google. Good SEO ensures that your website will be seen by the people you want to see it – those interested in your product or service.


Since Google is the most commonly used search engine, naturally, their pay per click service (AdWords) is the most relevant. Online advertising is an effective and easy way to gain more customers. AdWords allows you to target specific customers, and filter out the ones you are not interested in.

Reach your marketing goals

Different ad formats allow you to tailor your ads to specific goals. Possible goals:

  • Take action on your website
  • Visit your store
  • Call your business
  • Install your app