All of the websites we design are responsive and optimized to all types of devices – PC’s, Macs, laptops, smartphones (Android and iOS), tablets and more. This means that no matter what device someone visits your website from, your site and its content will display perfectly for the screen size being used – ensuring a seamless user experience among all possible devices.

Our web site designs involve more than an appealing user interface (UI). We think about the overall user experience (UX). This involves ensuring the site visitor is able to navigate the site seamlessly and find all the information they are looking for. Not only on a desktop computer, but on all screens sizes including tablets and mobile phones.

Mobile device use has been steadily increasing since its inception. Users have the ability to browse and search the internet at their disposal thanks to the convenience of mobile devices. Ensuring your website visitors are able to view your site properly is of the utmost importance in establishing your brand as reliable, modern and effective.


Our bottom-up web design is the right service for any business that does not have a website, or has a website that needs an overhaul. What will we do for you? We will create a brand new website that displays information on your products and services in such a way that your potential customers will feel compelled to contact you.

It involves a thorough market analysis of your competitors, needs analysis, content creation from scratch, photography as required and a thorough review and revision process.

The result…a professional, modern and up to date website ensures that the first impression isn’t only a positive impression, but a lasting one, increasing the likelihood that a potential client will contact you.


Not every business needs a brand new website, but almost every business needs a website renovation. Your business is adaptive and keeps up with trends, and so should your site. Leave the hard work to us – we can update your content, take new photos and ensure that your website is keeping up with the trends in digital representation.

The Digital Reno service is for businesses that already have a website, but need an update. Our team understands that business owners are busy serving their customers and may not have the time to keep their websites up to date. At the same time, technology and web development trends are constantly changing, making it easier than ever for your website and the way your customers perceive your product or service to become outdated.

How do you know if you need The Digital Reno?

  • When you look at your competitors’ websites, do you think they are nicer than your website?
  • When you view your website on a mobile device, do you need to zoom in to be able to view the content and constantly have to swipe the screen back and forth to view all the content?
  • Do you feel your business has changed and your website isn’t accurately displaying your product or service?
  • When you Google your industry, do your competitors appear before you in results?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Digital Reno is right for you.